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onebytwo global employs a team of subject matter experts with real–world experience to ensure your staff is properly trained and prepared to respond. Trainings and exercises are specifically designed to address your workplace hazards. We offer a variety of options for standardized curriculum, as well as customized company-specific trainings to meet your site needs.

*Blended Training Options Available
Some courses include an online course, plus instructor-led hands-on practice and skills verification.

*Virtual reality options are available for some classes.
Virtual Reality (VR) creates an immersive experience for students. VR training was designed to simulate the stresses encountered during real life emergency situations. Students have a better idea of what to expect during a medical emergency, thereby reducing anxiety, enhancing retention and improving skills.


Unfortunately, in this day and age we must prepare staff to respond to extreme circumstances, particularly control of traumatic injury/severe bleeding. Post-traumatic bleeding is the leading cause of potentially preventable death.  A quick, trained response can save a life! This course includes lecture presentation, demonstrations, and hands-on practice with tourniquets for the immediate management of severe external bleeding. Can be added to First Aid course.


Prepare your team to respond to life threatening emergencies. Includes 2-year certification, e-cards and e-books. Traditional, blended or VR presentation options available.


Emergency situations require immediate action. Providing CPR and attaching an AED has proven to decrease the risk of brain damage or death. Includes 2-year certification, digital cards and e-books. Traditional, blended or VR presentation options available.


This Advanced First Aid course was specifically designed for lay responders who wish to take their training and knowledge base to the next level. This course covers the most common illnesses and injuries responders are likely to encounter and focuses on patient assessment, treatment and triage. Includes 2-year certification, e-cards and e-books. Traditional, blended or VR presentation options available.


When a fire starts, every second counts! Incorporate interactive fire extinguisher training to prepare your staff for an effective response. This course includes lecture, hands-on practice with the Bullex simulation equipment using laser-driven technology, realistic scenarios.


Active shooters pose an immediate threat to everyone in the facility. Prepare your employees to act swiftly should they face this type of event. Seasoned law enforcement officers provide an overview on how to recognize potential signs of violence and plan development. This customized course includes lecture, scenarios, discussion, and exercises. Can be combined with Advanced Bleeding Control.


Reinforce knowledge and practice customized scenarios related to your company’s emergency action plan. Includes: Facilitator, scribe, after action report and digital updated copy of revised plan.


Evacuation and shelter-in-place drills are vital to ensure the safety of your employees and the readiness of your organization to respond to a crisis requiring building evacuation or protective shelter. Drills ensure an orderly evacuation.  Discussions are held to evaluate and improve performance.

Full-scale Evacuation Drill and practice

  1. Review of Emergency escape routes
  2. Lockdown plans
  3. Procedures for key employees operating critical equipment before evacuation
  4. Procedures for evacuating employees requiring assistance
  5. Tracking of employees
  6. Identification of key personnel
  7. Assignment of rescue and medical aid personnel
  8. Notification methods
  9. Review of emergency/alarm communication system
  10. All clear signal


Emergency Response Team members are a crossed trained, multi-functional select group of employees who will act as the first wave of response to maximize life safety. Each ERT member completes a comprehensive Core class training program encompassing site-specific hazards and emergency skills. This training provides each members with the critical skills needed to provide immediate care to a seriously ill or injured employee or visitor.


Emergency Response Team Training

ERT training provides members with the critical skills needed to provide immediate care to a seriously ill or injured employee or visitor. Here are some of the ERT topics related to disaster—we can cut or customize to meet your needs.

  • CPR/AED/BBP Review
  • Basic First Aid with Advanced Bleeding control/tourniquets

  • Patient assessment/triage
  • Disaster preparedness and contingency plans
  • Equipment, kits and supplies
  • Critical thinking Skills
  • Effective communications
  • Evacuation training and drills
  • Basic search & rescue
  • Fire Safety & Suppression Techniques (Bullex Simulation System)
  • Incident Command System and Scene Management
  • Hands-on Skills scenarios/drills


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